What are our patients saying about their experiences at Louisville Tattoo Removal?

Well, take a look and see. Most of our clients are happy with their outcome, and they often comment on how reasonable their treatment was regarding cost. They also report how friendly and helpful Dr. Cummins is during treatments and visits.

  • Aline W.

    I’ve been going for over a year and Dr. Cummins removed a tattoo with a horrible memory I’d been dying to get rid of. They went in really deep on the tattoo so I figured it would take for ever. After my first treatment it was really going away. I’m done now and I have my left hand ring finger back. I can get engaged with a real ring now and it’s all because he does exceptional work and truly cares about his patients. He is not dishonest whatsoever. Great guy and great business.

  • Amy D.

    Dr. Cummins is the best.

  • Andrew G.

     I had a great experience with Louisville Tattoo Removal. Dr. Cummins is incredibly knowledgeable and took the time to explain the entire process to me, ensuring I felt comfortable every step of the way. The actual laser treatment session is a very quick process. Would definitely recommend using the numbing cream that Dr. Cummins suggests – it is very effective and makes the treatment painless.

  • Anthony J.

    The prices Dr. Thomas Cummings charges are reasonable. I had a great time getting my tattoo removed. He runs the business professionally and makes you feel like family.

  • Becky N.

    Great experience! I had my eyebrow tattoos removed in ONE visit! Dr. Cummins is very nice and professional. They are healed now, and ink is completely gone. Private and Covid-19 safe.

  • Brandon C.

    If you have any regrettable tattoos Louisville Tattoo Removal is the place to go to get them removed. Dr. Cummins is very reasonable and transparent with the treatment process. Thank you!

  • Cara H.

    Dr. Cummins is hilarious, kind, and professional and does all laser treatments himself. I highly recommend him to anyone in need of tattoo removal.

  • Charles E.

    The best by far!! I have had 5 visits and I am extremely pleased! The prices are excellent (1/2 of what you would pay elsewhere) and the equipment is state of the art. Very clean and hygienically friendly. Dr. Cummins in very professional and makes you feel at ease. My tattoo will be completely gone in 5-7 visits as promised!!!

  • Clint I.

    Highly recommend Dr. Cummins! Highly informative and caring, walked me thru the whole process with professionalism and humor. Tattoo gone just like he said.

  • Colby J.

    I recently visited Louisville Tattoo Removal for my 3rd tattoo removal session, and I had a fantastic experience. From the moment I walked in, Dr. Cummins made me feel comfortable and welcomed. I’m thrilled with the results!

  • Drew C.

    Dr. Cummins has been a fantastic professional. Polite, friendly, and quick results! I’ve recommended him to several friends and will continue to do so!

  • E. S.

    My husband really wanted to join the military and the only thing holding him back was a gaudy hand tattoo that we’d both gotten when we first got married. Because of Dr. Cummins’ proficient work and affordable pricing, he was able to get it removed and is now proudly serving in the US Navy. We highly recommend him to anyone in the Louisville area.

  • J Meyer

    I’ve been going to see Dr Cummins for three treatments now and I have been extremely happy with the results. He takes great care to explain the process as your going through it; what the different lasers do, how to care after each session, and how the laser effects the ink. I looked at several different locations before settling on Dr Cummins and I am very happy that I did. I have recommended him to others and will continue to do so. After going through a few treatments I can clearly see the importance in a trained doctor performing the treatment. I would recommend Dr Cummins to anyone.

  • Jacob G.

    My first laser tattoo removal appointment was today and went off without a hitch! Dr. Cummins was very easy to work and made the experience quick and painless. I look forward to future appointments and great results.

  • Jake B.

    Prices are low and my tattoo is making great progress!

  • Jo

    Dr Cummins prices are very comparable. He is always able to schedule me in at a time when I need. My tattoo removal is making great progress and will be gone possibly after healing of this 5th treatment.

  • Joey P.

    Great Place. Fast. Easy. Great results. Dr. Cummins is very personable and nice.

  • Jonathan P.

    I was up working in Louisville as a travel nurse and I have wanted do rid myself of a tattoo i had done when I was 20. I’ve only had 2 sessions and the tattoo is almost complete gone. I hope I can do another assignment in Louisville and finish getting rid of it. Dr. Cummins is the one you want to to remove a tattoo. Definitely gives you confidence that an actually Dr. is doing your treatments. Highly recommend!

  • Jordan B.

    I’m very happy with my results of my laser tattoo removal. My neck tattoo is almost gone after the first session. Dr Cummins was easy to get along with. Thank you I will be back for my second session.

  • Josiah R.

    Dr. Cummins gave me the best price around for my tattoo removal and was done quickly and painlessly. For sure coming back for my next treatment.

  • Kasha B.

    My best friend had treatments for over a year and her removal was a success. Dr cummins was outstandingVery nice and professional environment as well.

  • Linh N.

    Dr. Cummins is the best tatoo removal in town, i have tried different places in california but no one did as good as Dr. Cummins, he is very professional and his work Definitely making progress.my ink is almost gone after 5 treatments, the price is great and the results is make me very happy, you can obviously tell the big different on the tattoo after a few treatment, if you need to get a tatoo remove, don’t waste your time and your money elsewhere, Dr. Cummins is the best choice.

  • Mary J.

    He has Great results with Afro-Americans. He shared with me before and after photos of at least ten Afro-American patients with tattoos.You are dreaming if you think that your tattoo can be removed with just one treatment.

  • Michael G.

    Dr. Cummins did a great job removing a tattoo from my chest, it’s completely gone! I am a black man, and we did it in just three treatments. I would recommend this place to anybody looking at tattoo removal.

  • Nathalia

    Look no further, you found the place to go. Dr. Cummins’ expertise, humor and prices make Louisville Tattoo Removal the number one choice in the area. The laser he uses was so gentle on my skin! And after removing a bunch of tattoos, I only had a little bit of itchiness for one night. It’s been 7 days and I feel NOTHING, yet there’s very noticeable difference after just one session! I’m really, really impressed. I can’t wait for my next session! Thank you Dr!

  • Samuel F.

    Went out of his way to do my first session on the same day as inquiry, just to save me a trip (I live an hour away). He was very knowledgeable, extremely friendly, and the experience was not nearly as painful as I expected. Only complaint was having to hold a frigid air hose to my bare chest, but I’m sure some kind of topical numbing agent probably would have bumped the cost significantly, so I’ll take a little windburn. It was also not nearly as expensive as I was afraid it would be. He had me text a picture of the tattoo, had a quote within an hour, and honored it when I got there. Second session in a few weeks, will update with final result.

  • Savannah S.

    I had a quick and easy removal with Dr.Cummins. My tattoo was gone after 4-5 treatments. Dr.Cummins made sure to numb the area before lasering it. Therefore it wasn’t that painful. It was also not too pricey for tattoo removal. I recommend this place.

  • Shadaab A.

    Dr. Tom Cummins has 33years of experience practicing and by far the best in Louisville.

  • Shawna J.

    Dr Cummins has been great to work with. My tattoos are coming off quick, pricing is reasonable, and he is very responsive – I’ve been able to get in same day or next each time I’ve been. Definitely recommend

  • Shelby V.

    An amazing doctor and did more in one treatment than another laser company did in 3 sessions. Highly recommend.

  • Stefanie R.

    I had my tattoo removed by another place but hardly had any Results and it was super painful … by far was this better he made you feel comfortable and it was pain free.. still no pain and trust me when I tell you it hurts bad from other places I would recommend him to anybody if you have a tattoo you need removed go to this man !!!! I’m gonna need to get a couple more sessions done and I have no fear going back like I did at the other places pretty amazing I just wanna thank him!!!!

  • Tessa B.

    Great experience! Dr. Cummins is very knowledge able and personable. I recently had my first tattoo removal session and I’m already seeing significant fading. I highly recommended this place.

  • Tony R.

    I have been to Dr. Cummins to remove 2 different tatoos. By far the best in town on price and results. He doesnt try to sell you and “high priced package deals” like another spot in town which I highly do not recommend! You want the fastest results with the a VERY fair price then go see him!

  • Wendy B.

    Dr. Cummings has a great sense of humor. Reasonable prices.