Many people get tattoos and then change their minds about the tattoo over time. Up to 50% of people with a tattoo have some form of tattoo regret.

Laser tattoo removal is the only effective, non-surgical method to remove a tattoo. Tattoo removal with lasers has been growing in popularity over the past decade, and the newest generation of tattoo removal lasers – like our Astanza Duality – are designed to remove tattoos faster than ever before.

How Tattoo Removal Works

Laser tattoo removal works by sending light energy into the skin in quick pulses. With each pulse of the laser, the tattoo ink particles trapped in the dermal layer of skin absorb the energy and instantly shatter. The fragmented ink is then removed naturally by the body’s immune system over the weeks following each treatment – making the tattoo fade in appearance.

Comfortable Laser Tattoo RemovalEach session with the laser treats the shallowest layer of ink, working deeper and deeper with each session until no ink remains and the tattoo can no longer be seen. Virtually all patients need multiple treatments to remove a tattoo, and the number of treatments needed depend on a variety of factors unique to the patient and their tattoo.

In addition to advanced laser technology for optimal removal of tattoos, Louisville Tattoo Removal has a skin numbing unit designed specifically to chill the skin for comfortable laser treatments. The Zimmer Cryo we use with each tattoo removal treatment is used before, during, and after each laser session to provide a more comfortable patient experience.

At Louisville Tattoo Removal, we use the latest in laser tattoo removal innovations and techniques to help you remove your tattoo in the fewest number of treatments possible with beautiful results.

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