A Numbing Solution for Laser Tattoo Removal

Louisville Tattoo Removal now has a one-of-a-kind numbing solution for every laser tattoo removal procedure. The Zimmer Cryo is a cold air machine that blows filtered air – chilled to -30 degrees centigrade – onto the skin before, during, and after each laser treatment.

The Cryo allows for the treatment area to be numbed for extra comfort while Dr. Cummins performs the tattoo laser removal treatment. The cold air does not affect the efficacy of treatment, it simply allows for a more enjoyable, rewarding tattoo removal experience.

Dr. Cummins offers free consultations at Louisville Tattoo Removal and would like to invite you to take advantage of Louisville’s most comfortable, affordable, physician-performed tattoo removal treatments at Louisville Tattoo Removal.

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Skin numbing solution for laser tattoo removal